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Our mission is simple: to share our passion for authentic Mexican food made with clean ingredients that nourish both our bodies and our spirits.



14 best new Bay Area restaurants for date night (or any night)

"You can practically taste the love in the handmade tortillas, which is one of many reasons diners line up down the block at this Rose Garden neighborhood hot spot. Husband-and-wife team John Lopez and Jo Lerma-Lopez have turned a tired, decades-old building into a hip hacienda that’s as colorful, fresh and vibrant as the food on the plates.." — The Mercury News

NOVEMBER 21 2017

Review: Luna Kitchen’s vibrant approach to Mexican cuisine

"Luna is notable in that it’s taking the fresh approach even further than most, with tortillas made from scratch (grinding the corn with lime, a labor-intensive process called nixtamalization), and a menu that features vegetarian and vegan options." — The Mercury News

NOVEMBER 21 2017



Top 12 coolest alfresco dining spots in the Bay Area

"Ever since it opened in June, this hot Mexican eatery has had lines stretching down the Alameda for chef Julio Juarez’s creative, fresh Latin fare. You’ll feel as if you’re dining at your abuela’s table, and indeed, Juarez learned to cook with his grandmother and aunts. He translates those memories into tasty, beautifully plated dishes, made with organic ingredients." — The Mercury News

AUGUST 7 2017

Mexican paleta ice pops have gone Bay Area trendy

"At San Jose’s new Luna Mexican Kitchen, restaurant co-owner Jo Lerma-Lopez and chef Julio Juarez blend up icy paleta combinations made with organic ingredients. You can try a creamy tamarind version, a jicama-raspberry riff or a spicy mangonada, which combines mango and pineapple with a housemade chamoy sauce, made with pasilla chiles that bring the heat. Or go boozy with an adults-only paleta made with watermelon and smoky mezcal to balance the sweetness." — The Mercury News

JULY 29 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.48.26 AM.png


Authentic as the Moon: Luna Mexican Kitchen

"The nose starts to run and the tongue begins to burn, but the senses demand more. More beans, more corn and more chile. These are the holy trinity, says Jo Lerma-Lopez, owner and chef of Luna Mexican Kitchen, the newest restaurant on The Alameda in San Jose." — San

JULY 6 2017

52 weeks of tacos

"As someone who grew up eating freshly made tortillas, I have to give them props for it. Not many places will spend the time and energy to make their own tortillas, but once you tried homemade ones, the flavor and texture is just an ephemeral experience that compels you to relive it all over again. Not only do they make them on-site, but they even have someone hand-making them in the dining room, giving them out to guests while they are dining." — Caliplate

JUNE 20 2017



Luna Mexican Kitchen transforms 1950s San Jose eatery

"After nearly two years of renovation and menu development, the result is Luna Mexican Kitchen a restaurant that aims to offer a healthful, authentic menu. That means tortillas pressed by hand daily from organic, non-GMO corn. Entrees made with NorCal’s noted provider of organic chicken, Mary’s. Heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo, the Napa specialist." — The Mercury News

JUNE 15 2017

5 New Restaurants in San Jose You Haven’t Been To Yet

"Luna Mexican Kitchen opened its doors last week on The Alameda, a brand new restaurant serving homestyle Baja and Oaxacan inspired favorites. Its impressive menu includes botanas (small plates), fajitas, enchiladas, and more. Everything is made in house, from the hand-pressed tortillas to the freshly squeezed grapefruit juice for the deliciously fresh Paloma — a classic tequila cocktail with grapefruit, soda, and lime." —

JUNE 12 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.15.30 AM.png